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B. D. Leopold
Effects of Winter Capture on Wild Turkey Hen Movement in Mississippi, 1996
Pre-incubation Habitat Use by Wild Turkey Hens in Central Mississippi, 1996
Post-capture Survival of Wild Turkeys: Effects of Age, Sex and Environment, 1996
Plant Species Composition Following Chemical and Mechanical Site Preparation, 1996
Wild Turkey Reproductive Parameters from Two Different Forest Ecosystems In Central Mississippi, 1995
An Evaluation of Two Censusing Techniques to Estimate Black Bear Population Size on White River National Wildlife Refuge, Arkansas, 1996
Anatomical Development of Captive Bobcats in Mississippi, 1989
Bobcat Habitat Use at Multiple Spatial Scales, 1996
Potential Effects of Capture and Radio-monitoring on Eastern Wild Turkey Reproduction, 1995
Wild Turkey Use of Loblolly Pine Plantations for Nesting and Brood Rearing, 1990
Bobcat Home Range, Density, and Habitat Use in East-central Mississippi, 1992
Energy Utilization of Natural Prey Items by Southeastern Bobcats, 1992
Habitat Use of Wild Turkey Gobblers on Tallahala Wildlife Management Area, Mississippi, 1992
Wild Turkey Use of Control-burned Loblolly Pine Plantations, 1992
Habitat Characteristics of Bobcat Core Use Areas in Mississippi, 1993
Use of Bait Stations to Monitor Black Bear Populations in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley, 1995
Relationships of Gobbler Population Size to Harvest Characteristics on a Public Hunting Area in Mississippi, 1993
Reproductive Biology and Kitten Growth of Captive Bobcats in Mississippi, 1993
Effects of Vegetation Composition and Land-use Variables on Bait Station Visitations by Black Bears, 1994
Movements of Wild Turkey Gobblers in Central Mississippi, 1994
Top Contributors to Understory Plant Biomass in Intensively-managed Pine of East-central Mississippi, 2009
Evaluation of Wild Turkey Population Estimation Methods, 1995
Invertebrate Sampling Considerations in Intensively-managed Pine Stands of Mississippi, 2007
Predation Rates on Wild Turkey Hens in a Hardwood Bottomland Forest and a Mixed Forest in Mississippi, 1996