B. G. Whiteside

Population Dynamics of the Green Sunfish Redear Sunfish Hybrid as Compared with Its Reciprocal Cross and Parental Species

Astudy was made on the growth and survival rates, sex ratios, and vulnerability to angling ofthe green sunfish redear sunfish ( (G X R) hybrid as compared with its reciprocal cross and parental species. The G x R hybrid had the highest mean annual absolute growth rate while the redear sunfish 0 X green sunfish C; (R x G) hybrid had the highest mean annual relative growth rate. The G x R hyhrid generally had the highest mean annual survival rate, while the green sunfish had the lowest. The sex ratios were: G x R hybrids. 99% males; R x G hybrids. 88% males; green sunfish. 83% males;...


Validation of Aging Techniques for Largemouth Bass and Channel Catfish in Central Texas Farm Ponds

A study was conducted to determine the accuracy and validity of age determination methods for largemouth bass. Micropterus salmoides, and channel catfish, lcralurus punctatus, in central Texas farm ponds. Each pond selected for this study had been stocked only once with largemouth bass and/or channel catfish. Ages of fishes collected ranged from one through fouf years of age at the time of collection. Fish ages determined by the aging methods were compared to fish ages established by stocking dates. Overall accuracy of age determinations made by these methods was 94% for largemouth...


Standing Crop Of Fishes As An Estimate Of Fish Production In Small Bodies Of Water

Sampling of fish for the purpose of estimating standing crop, annual net production, and the degree of relationship between these two variables was carried out in four Oklahoma farm ponds in 1965. Fish populations were assumed to be at or near the upper asymptotic level, and fishing was almost nonexistent. Annual rate of turnover varied less from one population to another than did standing crop. Turnover rates for most species appeared high, but this may be the normal situation in older ponds whose fish populations are not being harvested. Bartlett's three-group method for Model II...