Are The Achievements Of Your Wildife Law Enforcement Recognized?

Law Enforcement is a difficult job, one that likely involves more different types of work than we find in any other department of our organization. At the top of his many duties,the Conservation Officer must be an official representative for the entire department's program in his assigned area. Since he must excel in good public relations in his own community, he must also have the ability (if given the opportunity) to help promote good relations throughout the whole organization. This is often difficult to do when he is considered by other departments as "just a Conservation Officer." In order to command its due respect the Law Enforcement must upgrade itself as to education, training and personal characteristics. On the other hand, the abilities and accomplishments of the Law Enforcement Officer must be recognized by the Director, the Commissioners, the Fishery, the Game and Educational Departments. The salary of the officer must be sufficient to qualify him as a Professional man who wm spend his entire time in the duties and interest of the Wildlife Department. With effort and determination, these changes can be brought about in due time. As a result each department will be recognized for whatever it contributes and all groups will benefit by working together for the unity and advancement of the Wildlife Conservation program. Is your Law Enforcement Division represented in the same ratio as other department heads in your Wildlife Conservation Commission meetings? Are they given equal credit for any achievements or accomplishments which they may have assisted in or brought about solely on their own? If these questions are answered in the negative, then perhaps we are partially responsible for placing ourselves in this position. If we want to state facts we must say that as conditions now exist in our respective states, the general opinion has been to consider the wildlife enforcement officers as a group of non-professionals. To be honest, I am sure that most of you would not disagree entirely with this statement. If you do not have an office to work from, or definite hours in which to do your job, and since you are on your own and are at a remote distance from your employer, you can become an easy target for criticism from within your department or from the public in general. It may be true that there is a small number of enforcement personnel whose only interest in conservation is pay day and his time and energy may be spent on some other occupation in which he is engaged. This small minority is bound to bring about nothing but adverse public opinion and reflect upon the Division as a whole.

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