Effect of the Savannah Tide Gate on Striped Bass Egg Distribution and Survival During 1977 and 1978

A comparison of striped bass, Morone saxatilis, egg abundance, distribution and survival during 2 years in the Savannah River estuary gave some indications of the possible effects of the Savannah River Tide Gate on the spawning success of this species. Eggs are more likely to be found farther upstream when the tide gate is in operation. Apparently striped bass respond to increased salinities by spawning farther upstream. By using egg stage as a measure of age, survivorship curves based on relative abundance of the different egg stages were calculated. While the 1977 data were of limited use for this purpose, the excellent fit of the 1978 data indicates that this technique could be used to advantage to estimate in-river egg survival rates. Adjusted mortality to hatching was 0.984 in 1977 and 0.999 in 1978.

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