Ultrasonic Tracking Of Smallmouth Bass In Center Hill Reservoir, Tennessee

Ultrasonic tracking was conducted on 11 smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieui Lacepede) in Center Hill Reservoir, TN from 24 May 1973 to 25 July 1974. Transmitters which had an average life of 30.4 days, were implanted in the body cavity and were a successful tool for studying fish movement and behavior. Factors observed were "homing" behavior of displaced fish, horizontal movement, distance ranged offshore, depth ranges, water temperature, and habitat preference. Also determined were correlations between fish movement and water temperature, barometric pressure, water turbidity, water levels, percentage cloud cover, solunar periods, and creel census data. The effects of noise and artificial light on smallmouth bass behavior were noted. Increased movement and activity were associated with water surface temperature between ll.l and 23.9 C. Only surface temperature of the water was found to be significantly related to rate of fish movement. The mean horizontal distance moved per day was 345 m.

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