Forest Industry Hunt-lease Programs in the Southern United States: 1999

We evaluated selected characteristics of forest industry hunt-lease programs for the 1999 calendar year in the southern United States. Sixty questionnaires were mailed to wildlife biologists and hunt-lease administrators of various forest industries within these states. Thirty-four completed questionnaires were returned, yielding an overall response rate of 56.7%. Respondents owned 6,006,050 ha; they leased 4,600,611 ha (76.6%) to the private sector and 424,784 ha (7.1%) to the public sector. The average annual lease fee for the private sector was $9.69 per hectare, and the average annual lease fee for the public sector was $3.39 per hectare. Results from this survey were compared to those of a similar survey from 1994 to determine changes and trends in industry hunt-lease programs.

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