Ben A. Nelson

Spawning Of Channel Catfish By Use Of Hormone

Early in 1958, due to the tremendous demand for channel catfish fingerlings, the decision was made to construct a separate hatchery for the production of same. Several hatcheries were visited, and methods observed to determine those best suited for our use. Our aim for this hatchery was production in large numbers at minimum cost. Considerable time was spent at the experimental station at Tishomingo, Okla., where Mr. Kermit Snead was in charge. We felt the methods used at this station, though in the early stage, appeared to be most applicable for mass production. Thus the system of...


Progress Report On Golden Channel Catfish

In June, 1956, albino channel catfish (Ictalurus Lacustris) were observed to occur in possibly two spawns from wild colored parents. These albino channel catfish have been named "Golden Channel Catfish." By stocking the golden channel catfish fingerlings in large water areas, sufficient growth was obtained so that several of the fish became sexually mature at the age of two years and a weight of about two pounds. Three spawns were obtained from these two-year-old golden channel catfish in the spring of 1958, and all the young were golden (albino) in color. The golden channel catfish...