Andrew J. Weber

Fall and Winter Food Habits of the Bobwhite Quail in the Sandhills of North Carolina

The contents of 4,157 quail crops from the Sandhills Wildlife Management Area were examined. The crops were collected from hunter harvested quail during the open hunting season (mid-November through late February) for seven years, 1961 through 1967. Items of primary importance were the seeds of longleaf pine, red bay, shrub lespedeza, rye and beggarweed. A temporal examination of the data indicates that red bay was important as a source offood in late winter and during periods ofpine mast scarcity.

Seasonal Food-Habits of White-Tailed Deer (Odoeoileus Virginianus) in a Treated Eastern North Carolina Pocosin

A study of food-habits of white-tailed deer on approximately 26,000 acres of industrial timberlands in eastern North Carolina was made in a managed pond pine pocosin. A rumen analysis was completed for each of 128 deer collected during the period October 1971 through July 1973. These samples were partitioned into groups: spring, summer, fall, and winter. Although most of the food utilized was leafy browse, definite seasonal trends were established. Fruit of shining sumac and pokeweed was utilized heavily in the fall. A shift to greenbrier and ericaceous plants in the winter was observed....