Rough Fish Removal from Lake Catherine, Arkansas

Following the recommendations of a three-year comparative fishery study of Lakes Ouachita, Hamilton and Catherine near Hot Springs, Arkansas, a rough fish removal project was carried out on 3,OOO-acre Lake Catherine, October 25, 1958. The chemical (Pro-Noxfish) was applied at varying concentrations over approximately three-fourths of the drawn-down area of the lake. The water level was manipulated so that the treated water infiltrated the untreated portions. As a result, a selective shad and drum kill was obtained over the entire area of the lake. Bank counts failed to give an acceptable quantitative estimate of numbers and weights of fish killed. A more satisfactory estimate was obtained by the use of data obtained from previous rotenone population samples. As part of the management plan, the lake will be restocked with large numbers of yearling and fingerling game fishes. Evaluation of the management work will be carried out by continuing Dingell-Johnson Project F-5-R.

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