Toxicity Of Ten Commonly Used Chemicals To American Eels

Malachite green, potassium permanganate, salt, formalin, Dylox, Furanace, antimycin A, Noxfish, copper sulfate, and Diquat were tested to determine 96-hour LCso values for the glass eel stage ofthe American eel, Anguilla rostrata(Lesueur). Static acute toxicity tests were conducted at 22 C using deionized water reconstituted to a hardness of 40-48 mgfl, an alkalinity of 30-35 mg/ I and a pH of 7.2-7.6. The calculated 96-hour LCso values for the chemicals are: malachite green 0.27 mg/I; potassium permanganate 3.06 mgfl; salt 17.88 gfl; formalin 83.96 mg/I; Dylox 1.31 mgfl; Furanace 0.77 mg/I; antimycin A 0.09 I-lg/I; Noxfish 15.25 I-lgfl; copper sulfate 2.54 mgfl; and Diquat 39.02 mg/l.

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