Blue Catfish Angler Survey in North-central Texas: Implications for Management

Management of blue catfish (Ictalurus furcatus) fisheries has recently increased in priority for many fisheries management agencies, but little is known about managing these fisheries. Also, while large-scale surveys (i.e., national and statewide) have provided managers with baseline sociological information, localized motivations and opinions of blue catfish anglers remain unknown in most areas. A mail-out survey was conducted to quantify motivations and opinions of blue catfish anglers in an eight-county area in north-central Texas to better manage local blue catfish fisheries. Surveyed anglers were generally harvest-oriented and preferred to harvest fish <610 mm total length. They supported the current harvest regulation (305-mm minimum length limit, 25 fish/day bag) or increasing the minimum length limit but did not support a reduced bag limit or a protected slot length limit. Results from this survey were used to guide blue catfish management in the region covered by the survey, including implementation of a new blue catfish harvest regulation in a local reservoir.

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