Habitat Use by Bobcats in Upland Forests of Louisiana

Habitat use by bobcats (Lynx rufus) was investigated in 1978-79 in forested uplands of Louisiana by monitoring 7 radio-collared adult bobcats (3 females, 4 males). Mean male home range (x = 1,010 ha) did not differ significantly from female ranges (x = 591 ha). Distances traveled during a diel period ranged from 0.5 Ian to 10.2 km and averaged 3.0 Ian. Mean diel travel distances of males (2.8 km) were similar to those of females (3.3 km). Botanical composition of habitats within modified minimum home ranges averaged 40.1% mixed pine (Pinus spp.)-hardwood, 18.1% hardwood, 5.4% pine, and 36.4% nonforested. Bobcats appeared to use hardwood habitat in greater proportion to availability and avoided other habitats.

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