Implementing an Integrated Forest Management System for Long-term Habitat Planning and Development on Georgia's Wildlife Management Areas

The Game Management (GM) Section of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Wildlife Resources Division (WRD) implemented several processes in the late 1990s geared toward systematic long-term forest management of state-owned Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs). These included development of 50-year management plans for individual WMAs, expansion of the Forest Management Unit (FMU), and development of a cooperative timber harvest proposal protocol. The effort culminated with a detailed forest stand inventory integrated with desired future stand conditions into a model that produces a timber harvest schedule includes a detailed five-year harvest plan and revenue projection for each inventoried WMA, as well as a state-wide 35-year timber harvest and revenue projection. The model is also structured to incorporate changes in revenue and harvest constraints. This integrated system allows GM to work with a five-year habitat-planning horizon with built-in flexibility to handle changing circumstances.

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