Post-mortem Weight Gain in Largemouth Bass

Largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) held at lO.7 and 26.7 C in insulated fiberglass tanks were treated with rotenone and inspected daily to determine days-tosurfacing and change in body weight. Fish held at lO.7 C surfaced in 3-12 days, whereas fish held at 26.7 C surfaced within 24 hours. Fish at each temperature gained weight after death. Analysis of weight gain in fish held at 10.7 C produced no significant relationship between weight-gain and period of submergence for fish submerged 7 or more days. Weight gain was an exponential function of total length in fish held at lO.7 C and a logarithmic function of total length in fish held at 26.7 C.

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