The Detection and Apprehension of Wild Turkey Law Violators in East Central Georgia

Conservation rangers in the Georgia Thomson Law Enforcement District made a total of 151 cases for illegal turkey hunting during the 5-year period beginning in 1980. The most prevalent violation was hunting over bait—47 (31.1%), followed by hunting without a big game license—l8 (11.9%), hunting without permission—13 (8.6%), hunting out of season-12 (8.0%), hunting without a license—11 (7.3%), hunting with unplugged gun—11 (7.3%), hunting from public road—10 (6.6%), hunting with illegal weapon (rifle)—10 (6.6%), hunting with illegal ammunition—7 (4.7%), hunting from a vehicle—7 (4.6%), and possession of illegal wildlife (turkey)—5 (3.3%). Penalties ranged from a $1,000 fine and 2 years of probation for possession of a hen turkey to nothing (case dismissed) for hunting without a big game license. Methods employed to detect and apprehend deliberate and incidental turkey poachers are discussed.

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