A Proposal For The Management Of Reservoirs For Fisheries

A fisheries management plan for reservoirs is proposed which is dependent upon having a fish management pool and provision for drainage incorporated into the basic design. Justification is given to support the cost of having a cleared management pool in the bottom of the reservoir as well as drainage facilities. A plan is also proposed for selective clearing of reservoir basins. The management program described is based on a philosophy of drastic manipulations of fish populations through fall and winter drawdowns, selective kills, partial kills, intensive sport and commercial fishing and other management practices designed to favor the carnivorous fishes and reduce the total number and pounds of all fish so as to bring about a balance of the predator fishes with their food supply and maintain expanding fish populations. The drawdown is of paramount importance in the reservoir management scheme and, in the humid Southeastern United States, it should begin immediately after Labor Day. The water level should be lowered to the fish management pool by October 15th or November 1st. According to the size of the watershed, water levels can be allowed to return to normal after January 1st. Cost of carrying out the management techniques in the fish management pool are minimal and most effective.

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