White-tailed Deer Hunting with Dogs in East Texas

White-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) were experimentally chased with dogs in east Texas in December 1984 and in January and December 1985. Chase duration and dog dispersal were determined with the aid of radio telemetry. Fifty-three experimental chases of deer were conducted; chase duration averaged 18 minutes. Average dog dispersal from the point of release was 1.1 km; 70% of chases were within 1.6 km of the release point. Dog dispersal data indicated that 2,514 ha were required to hunt deer with dogs in a 405-ha core area to prevent dog trespass onto surrounding land in 70% of the chases. Twenty-six deer of either sex were harvested in experimental chases for a hunter success rate of 65%. Crippling loss of unharvested deer was 38%. No extreme deer movements off the study area were observed, and no deer were caught by dogs.

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