Effects Of A Fall And Winter Drawdown On A Flood Control Lake

Plans for a fall and winter drawdown (1955-56) were carried out on Nimrod, a turbid, flood control lake. The surface acreage was reduced from approximately 3,600 acres to 700 acres. Commercial fishermen removed over 200,000 pounds of rough fish most of which were smallmouth buffalo. Following the drawdown and subsequent filling, the water cleared up and remained clear. An increase in the number and size of young black bass and white bass was recorded with a resultant decrease in the number of young channel catfish, carp, drum and buffalo. Larger numbers of young sunfish and minnows were noted. The fish population, as tabulated by weight, showed a marked change in that the edible forage species (buffalo, drum, etc.) were reduced approximately one-half and the non edible forage species (shad, minnows, etc.) were increased approximately three times. Boat dock operators reported improved sport fishing, especially for small white crappie.

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