A. D. Marshall

The Detection and Apprehension of Wild Turkey Law Violators in East Central Georgia

Conservation rangers in the Georgia Thomson Law Enforcement District made a total of 151 cases for illegal turkey hunting during the 5-year period beginning in 1980. The most prevalent violation was hunting over bait—47 (31.1%), followed by hunting without a big game license—l8 (11.9%), hunting without permission—13 (8.6%), hunting out of season-12 (8.0%), hunting without a license—11 (7.3%), hunting with unplugged gun—11 (7.3%), hunting from public road—10 (6.6%), hunting with illegal weapon (rifle)—10 (6.6%), hunting with illegal ammunition—7 (4.7%), hunting from a vehicle—7 (4.6%), and...


A Telemetric Study Of Deer Home Ranges And Behavior Of Deer During Managed Huntsl

The home ranges of five white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) were determined on the Clark Hill Wildlife Management Area using telemetric equipment. The population density of deer on the 800 acres study area was estimated to be 50-55 deer per square mile (1 deer/12 acres) prior to the managed hunts in 1967. A six year old doe, radio-tracked from April 4, to May 9, 1967, had a home range of 121 acres. The same animal was tracked from October 12, to October 25, 1967, and had a home range area of 87 acres. A three year old doe with a fawn was radio-located from May 18, to July 8, 1967,...