An Evaluation of Traps and Baits for Capturing Waterfowl in Coastal Louisiana

A telemetric study was conducted on immature alligators (Alligator mississipiensis) on Rockefeller Refuge from 27 March, 1973 through SMarch, 1974. Thirty alligators, 17 females and 13 males. were captured, tagged. marked for identification, and outfitted with color-eoded neck-collar radio transmitters. Adirectional receiving unit was used to follow their daily movement. The size of the animals ranged from 3'6-1/4" to 5'10-3/4". Minimum home range sizes, daily activity patterns, and habitat preferences were determined for the alligators under investigation. Readings taken during the winter dormancy period indicated that immature alligators were considerably more active during cold periods than were adult alligators.

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