Success of Single-parent Mourning Dove Nests in September

Little information is available on the success of single-parent mourning dove (Zenaida macwura) nests after 1 September, the time period when hunting usually begins. To answer this question, data from single-parent nests were collected on the Texas A&M University Campus during September 1979. Data for 44 nests where 1 parent was removed were compared to 31 control nests. Success of single-parent nests with young 0-6 days of age was reduced. We did not observe significant reduction in success for nests containing young exceeding 6 days of age, or for single male versus single female parents. Most known mortality was from weather or avian predators. While no eggs from single-parent doves produced fledged young, some hatched but were subsequently lost to weather. Most control eggs also were lost to weather.

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