Dudley C. Carver

Evaluation Of Standing Crops Of Fishes In Crooked Creek Bay, Barkley Lake,Kentucky

The technique of sampling fish in coves by the application of rotenone ("covesampling") was evaluated in Barkley Lake, Kentucky, 26-28 September 1978. In 85 ha Crooked Creek Bay (which was subdivided into 24 coves and other subareas), 776 kg/ ha of fish were recovered; the total adjusted for non-recovery of marked fish was 865 kg/ ha. The numbers and biomass of fish in various coves within the Bay did not closely approximate the standing crop in the total area. Most major species of fish were either overrepresented or underrepresented in the cove samples. Larger coves (mean area, 4.9 ha)...


Length At Maturity, Total-Collarbone Length, And Dressout For Flathead Catfish And Length At Maturity Of Blue Catfish, Southwest Louisiana

Length at maturity computed for female flathead catfish (Pylodietus olivaris) from marshes of southwest Louisiana was 589 mm. Empirical data showed males approach maturity in the 390-439 mm size range. The length-weight regression for flathead catfish was best described by: Log W = -8.9640 + 3.3732 Log L, where W = weight in kg and L = length in mm, r = 0.97. The computed total length-collarbone length conversion equation for flathead catfish was Y = 10.3428 + 0.7251, where Y = total collarbone length in mm and X = total body length in mm, r = 0.99. Dressout-live weight relationship for...


History and Organization of the Predator-Stocking-Evaluation by the Reservoir Committee, Southern Division, American Fisheries Society

The Reservoir Committee, Southern Division, American Fisheries Society, undertook to measure the influence of stocked predator fishes on existing fish populations and sport fishing in selected reservoirs through a coordinated interagency study. Field data collection consisted of (1) fish population biomass estimation, (2) limnological survey, and (3) sport fish harvest estimation, with data being collected in 1972 and 1973. Twenty-six reservoirs, totaling 368,000 acres, were included in the project. The work plan used to standardize field data collection is described. Six years were...


Dispersal of Tournament Caught Bass from a Central Release Point

Largemouth bass caught by fishermen during the March, 1975 B.A.5.S. fishing tournament on Toledo Bend Reservoir were tagged and released from a central site to measure dispersal and recapture rate. Dispersal of bass durining the four months following the tournamament ranged between 0 and .5 miles. The majority of the recaptured fish (93.6 percent) were caught within 2 miles of the release site. A total of 16.7 percent of the released fish was caught by fishermen during the study period. Suggestions are given concerning utilization of tournament caught bass in fish tagging programs in large...


Distribution And Abundance Of The Centrarchids In The Recent Delta Of The Mississippi River

Distribution and abundance of eight centrarchid fishes were studied on Delta National Wildlife Refuge from August, 1963 through January, 1965. Gear used to collect the fish included rotenone, gill nets, trammel nets, bag seine, minnow seine and electric shocker. Standing crop samples were conducted using rotenone and block-off nets. Salinity was a major factor which limited distribution of centrarchids on the refuge. Pond depth and turbidity were also factors affecting distribution and abundance. Oxygen, carbon dioxide, pH and alkalinity were found to be within suitable levels for...


Age and Growth of Blue Catfish, Ictalurus Furcatus (Lesueur), in the Recent Delta of the Mississippi River

Age and growth of blue catfish, Ictalurus furcatus (LeSueur), collected on Delta National Wildlife Refuge, Venice, Louisiana were determined by length frequency and the pectoml spine technique. Lengths calculated from p,ectoral spines agree with the length frequency mode for age I fish collected during January, 1965. Three regressions were computed for the data and the cubic equation provided the best fit. This equation indicated that weight increased faster than the cube of the length.