Larry L. Rider

The Effect of the Lake Chicot Renovation Project on the Fishery of a Mississippi River Oxbow Lake

A renovation project on Lake Chicot, a 1,417-ha Arkansas oxbow lake, was undertaken to improve water quality and fisheries productivity negatively impacted by surrounding agricultural land and ensuing drainage. A 1920s levee and drainage project that added 90,653-ha of catchment area to the inflow of Lake Chicot also increased agricultural acreage from 10% to 80% of the lake's watershed. This resulted in a substantial increase in turbidity in the lake (from 40 to 400 NTU), negatively affecting the sportfish populations, especially the largemouth bass. In the late 1980s, the Army Corps of...


Evaluation Of Standing Crops Of Fishes In Crooked Creek Bay, Barkley Lake,Kentucky

The technique of sampling fish in coves by the application of rotenone ("covesampling") was evaluated in Barkley Lake, Kentucky, 26-28 September 1978. In 85 ha Crooked Creek Bay (which was subdivided into 24 coves and other subareas), 776 kg/ ha of fish were recovered; the total adjusted for non-recovery of marked fish was 865 kg/ ha. The numbers and biomass of fish in various coves within the Bay did not closely approximate the standing crop in the total area. Most major species of fish were either overrepresented or underrepresented in the cove samples. Larger coves (mean area, 4.9 ha)...