Length At Maturity, Total-Collarbone Length, And Dressout For Flathead Catfish And Length At Maturity Of Blue Catfish, Southwest Louisiana

Length at maturity computed for female flathead catfish (Pylodietus olivaris) from marshes of southwest Louisiana was 589 mm. Empirical data showed males approach maturity in the 390-439 mm size range. The length-weight regression for flathead catfish was best described by: Log W = -8.9640 + 3.3732 Log L, where W = weight in kg and L = length in mm, r = 0.97. The computed total length-collarbone length conversion equation for flathead catfish was Y = 10.3428 + 0.7251, where Y = total collarbone length in mm and X = total body length in mm, r = 0.99. Dressout-live weight relationship for flathead catfish was Y = 0.3308 + 0.7123 X, where Y = cleaned ( headed and eviscerated) weight in kg and X = live weight in kg, r = 0.70. Computed length at maturity for blue catfish (letalurus fureatus) was 481 mm.

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