W. Guthrie Perry

Culture Studies With Malaysian Prawn In Unfed Brackish Water Ponds

This study describes culture of Malaysian prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) without feeding in brackish water ponds in Louisiana. Survival and average size increased with decreasing stocking densities. After 163 days, average production in kg/ha for stocking rates of 1.25/m2 , 2.5/m2 and 3.75/m2 was 159, 191 and 218, respectively. Orbit length-total length relationships were determined to be expressed by the linear equation: Orbit length = 1.498 + 0.736 (total length) with both sexes combined. Total length-weight measurements at harvest of both sexes resulted in the curvalinear equation...


Slat Trap Efficiency As Affected By Design

This study contained 12 treatments consisting of 6 different trap designs; 6 were baited and 6 were not. A total of 2,770 catfish, blue (lctalurusfurcatus) and channel (l. punctatus) combined, weighing 984.9 kg was captured. Slat traps were highly selective for channel catfish. The highest individual catch was 40 kg by trap type E, a trap with 3.2 cm slat spacings on the rear portion of the sides and end. The sides around the front throats were solid. Highest total catch per trap day was in trap type F (2.5 cm spacing, closed sides around throats). Type F yielded 1.7 kg of channel catfish...


Length At Maturity, Total-Collarbone Length, And Dressout For Flathead Catfish And Length At Maturity Of Blue Catfish, Southwest Louisiana

Length at maturity computed for female flathead catfish (Pylodietus olivaris) from marshes of southwest Louisiana was 589 mm. Empirical data showed males approach maturity in the 390-439 mm size range. The length-weight regression for flathead catfish was best described by: Log W = -8.9640 + 3.3732 Log L, where W = weight in kg and L = length in mm, r = 0.97. The computed total length-collarbone length conversion equation for flathead catfish was Y = 10.3428 + 0.7251, where Y = total collarbone length in mm and X = total body length in mm, r = 0.99. Dressout-live weight relationship for...


Standing Crops of Fishes of an Estuarine Area In Southwest Louisiana

Standing crop of estuarine fisheries, as determined by extensive rotenone sampling, ranged from 17.6 to 1,605 kg/ha; overall average was 393.8. The most abundant species in numbers were gulf menhaden, Brevoortia patronus (54.6%); anchovies, Anchoa sp. (10.7%); and striped mullet, Mugil cephalus (6.6%). Of the 8,322 kg of fish collected during the study, red drum, Sciaenops ocellata, represented 32.2%, followed by menhaden (16%) and striped mullet (11.5%). First day rotenone samples were not sufficient for quantitating species abundance. Rotenone eollections indicated that trawls were...


Length At Maturity And Total Length-Collarbone Length Conversions For Channel Catfish, Ictalurus Punctatus, And Blue Catfish, Ictalurus Furcatus, Collected From The Marshes Of Southwest Louisiana

This paper describes the results of a length and weight at maturity study of channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus, and blue catfish, Ictalurusfurcatus. Total length-collarbone length and collarbone length-total length conversion factors were determined and are presented for future biological references. Data were collected from the marshes of Southwest Louisiana.