Kenneth E. Lantz

Dispersal of Tournament Caught Bass from a Central Release Point

Largemouth bass caught by fishermen during the March, 1975 B.A.5.S. fishing tournament on Toledo Bend Reservoir were tagged and released from a central site to measure dispersal and recapture rate. Dispersal of bass durining the four months following the tournamament ranged between 0 and .5 miles. The majority of the recaptured fish (93.6 percent) were caught within 2 miles of the release site. A total of 16.7 percent of the released fish was caught by fishermen during the study period. Suggestions are given concerning utilization of tournament caught bass in fish tagging programs in large...


Water Level Fluctuation--It's Effects on Vegetation Control and Fish Population Management

The fluctuation of water level as a lake management practice in Louisiana is explained using three lakes as examples. These lakes vary from 1,000 to 2,600 acres and are scattered over the state. Anacoco Lake, a 2,600 acre impoundment in central Louisiana, was fluctuated primarily for aquatic vegetation control. The vegetation was reduced 90% over a period of three years. The effects on the fish population as shown in annual rotenone samples were an increase in the game fish of available size and a decrease in the intermediate size sunfish. Fishing success improved markedly. Bussey...