J. Drew Lanham

Avifauna as Indicators of Ecological Integrity in Streamside Management Zones Impacted by Forestry Best Management Practices

Riparian ecosystems provide many ecological functions critical to both aquatic and terrestrial vertebrates. Many anecdotal field observations indicate that upland forest harvesting may effect riparian ecosystem functions, yet the relationship has not been well documented, especially for wildlife. As part of the collaborative Dry Creek watershed study at International Paper's Southlands Forest in Decatur County, Georgia, we evaluated the effects of Best Management Practices (BMP) timber harvesting on avian communities occupying riparian corridors/streamside management zones (SMZs) in...


Habitat-area Relationships of Shrub-scrub Birds in South Carolina

Non-game Wildlife Outstanding Technical Paper

Sensitivity to reductions in habitat area are widely accepted as a factor in the declines of many mature-forest passerines. Although evidence from a number of sources shows significant declines among many Neotropical migratory (NTMB) and temperate migrant (TMR) early-successional birds, little information exists regarding the potential for area-sensitivity in those species. Here we report the results of research on habitat-area considerations of birds in clearcut habitats in some upland forests in South Carolina. Using single, fixed-radius point counts in each clearcut, we measured avian...