William C. Hunter

Conservation Planning Boundaries, the Geography of Bird conservation Planning Initiatives in the Southeastern United States

The first continental bird conservation initiative for North America started under the North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP) during the mid-1980s. About five years later Partners in Flight (PIF; focused on landbird species) came into being followed by the U.S. and Canada Shorebird Conservation Plans (USSCP and CSCP), the North American Waterbird Conservation Plan (NAWCP), and the Northern Bobwhite Conservation Initiative (NBCI). Soon after the establishment of NAWMP,priority areas for waterfowl conservation were identified for delivering conservation programs, now referred to as...


How Much Management Emphasis Should Neotropical Migrants Receive in the Southeast?

Widespread concern for neotropical migratory birds should be tempered with a review of the status of all landbirds, regardless of migratory status. A relationship exists between the proportion of declining neotropical migrants and temperate migrants, but not residents, among Southeastern physiographic areas. However, within physiographic areas where proportions of declining neotropical migrants are high, proportions of declining temperate migrants and residents are not as high. Nevertheless, concern for temperate migrant and resident species in some physiographic areas is justified in...