How Much Management Emphasis Should Neotropical Migrants Receive in the Southeast?

Widespread concern for neotropical migratory birds should be tempered with a review of the status of all landbirds, regardless of migratory status. A relationship exists between the proportion of declining neotropical migrants and temperate migrants, but not residents, among Southeastern physiographic areas. However, within physiographic areas where proportions of declining neotropical migrants are high, proportions of declining temperate migrants and residents are not as high. Nevertheless, concern for temperate migrant and resident species in some physiographic areas is justified in addition to concern for neotropical migrants. Rather than debating about which species are declining, we should identify habitats (with associated species assemblages) in need of conservation. In the Southeast, high priority habitats for avian conservation are likely to be determined principally by neotropical migrants with some temperate migrant and resident species of high concern.

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