Tyler S. Evans

775 Stone Boulevard, Mississippi State University, Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Aquaculture, Mississippi State, MS 39762

No Corn, No Problem: A Test for the Best Non-Grain Attractant for Wild Pigs

SEAFWA Journal Volume 11, March 2024

Grain-based attractants (e.g., corn) are standard among most wild pig (Sus scrofa) trapping and non-invasive sampling efforts (e.g., genetic spatial capture/recapture, camera trapping), but their use is not always feasible due to cost, deployment restrictions (e.g., difficulty of transporting grain into remote areas, property rules), and potential disease concerns associated with concentrating non-target species at bait sites. Attractant deployment and efficacy should be considered by biologists, private landowners, and researchers given the ultimate need to use attractants to attract wild...