Thomas J. Allen

Nesting Success of Ruffed Grouse in West Virginia

Ruffed grouse densities are lower in the southern portion of its range than in the more northern reaches. It has been suggested that the lower productivity of ruffed grouse in southern latitudes may account for lower population densities. We examined nesting success of ruffed grouse Bonasa umbellus at 2 sites in West Virginia during 1998 and 1999. We located nests of radio-collared female grouse and determined proportion of females that nested, nest success (proportion of hens successful in hatching ?1 chick), clutch size, hatching success, and hatch dates. Proportion of hens that...


Observations On European Wild Boars Released in Southern West Virginia

Thirty pen-reared European wild hogs (Sus scrofa) were released in 1971 in southwestern West Virginia with the purpose of establishing a huntable population. The stocking involved construction of pens in a remote area followed by artificial feeding and gradual release of sows that had recently farrowed. Size of release area and sow-piglet introductions are considered major factors resulting in establishment of a wild population. Wild boars have produced litters annually and are presently occupying 130 sq km. Observations from monitoring activities on reproduction, foods, seasonal movements...