Richard W. Whiteside

Evaluation and Application of Drive Counts For Pheasants

Drive counts of pheasants (Phasianus colchicus subsp.) were evaluated on playa basins in the High Plains of Texas. The counts were 97-99% precise when the density of counters averaged 1/0.85 ha. The change-in-ratio estimator was modified to estimate pre-hunt population size when post-hunt population size and the proportion of cocks in the harvest are assumed known. Problems associated with drive counts of pheasants are discussed. Costs averaged $38/playa basin ($1.52/ha).

Characteristics and Opinions of Mississippi Deer Hunters Using Public Areas

Characteristics and opinions of deer hunters using the Choctaw and Tallahala Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) were determined from a mail questionnaire. Respondents were typically white, middle-class males. Characteristics of education, occupation and community size of residence were significantly different (P < 0.05) between the WMAs. The quality of hunting and current management practices, with the exception of hunting with dogs, were favorably rated on both WMAs. Significantly more respondents from the Tallahala WMA (66%) than the Choctaw WMA (42%) favored hunting with dogs....