Neal F. Eichholz

Turkey Hunter Satisfaction in Florida

Responses from a mail survey of Florida Turkey Stamp purchasers were used to evaluate turkey hunter satisfaction. Using factor analysis, 7 dimensions of hunter satisfaction were interpreted from ratings of 31 aspects of turkey hunting. Individual aspects of turkey hunting poorly correlated with the rating of the overall hunting experience. The 7 dimensions (nature, social, hunting, management, harvest, disturbance, and preparation) accounted for 50% of the variance in responses; individually, dimensions accounted for 9% oftotal variance. Although traditional management strategies emphasize...


Dispersal and Adjustment to Habitat of Restocked Wild Turkeys in Georgia

Range parameters of 16 wild turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo) restocked in a Georgia Piedmont habitat were evaluated folloWing early spring releases. Turkeys were tracked by radio telemetry. On 152 occasions, they were radio-located every two hours all day; other radio and visual locations were determined randomly for a total of 1,850. Turkeys were released in what was considered to be the best habitat; their activities remained oriented around that area throughout the study. Ranges increased throughout the study and turkeys had adjusted to their environment within five weeks after release....