Michael J. Hinton

Toxicity Of Ten Commonly Used Chemicals To American Eels

Malachite green, potassium permanganate, salt, formalin, Dylox, Furanace, antimycin A, Noxfish, copper sulfate, and Diquat were tested to determine 96-hour LCso values for the glass eel stage ofthe American eel, Anguilla rostrata(Lesueur). Static acute toxicity tests were conducted at 22 C using deionized water reconstituted to a hardness of 40-48 mgfl, an alkalinity of 30-35 mg/ I and a pH of 7.2-7.6. The calculated 96-hour LCso values for the chemicals are: malachite green 0.27 mg/I; potassium permanganate 3.06 mgfl; salt 17.88 gfl; formalin 83.96 mg/I; Dylox 1.31 mgfl; Furanace 0.77 mg/...