Meryl C. Broussard, Jr.

Growth of Four Strains of Channel Catfish in Communal Ponds

Growth studies of channel catfish (Icatalurus punctatus) from 2 domestic and 2 wild strains were conducted in ponds. Growth rate, percent survival and size variability were evaluated. Domestic strains had higher growth rates than wild strains. There were no significant differences among strains for survival. Initial variations at stocking in length and weight among strains (as a function of time of spawning) were reduced during the growing season.

Culture of Channel Catfish in a High Flow Recirculating System

An indoor recirculating system was designed to evaluate the effects of a high flow rate and a high filter to tank ratio on the carrying capacity of a closed system for channel catfish culture. Updraft and trickling filters with various filter media were evaluated. A net gain of 319 pounds, with a standing crop of 405 pounds at a density of 7.2 pounds per cubic foot, was obtained over a 142 day growing period.