Larry A. Nielsen

Monitoring the Fisheries and Wildlife Enterprise: A Content Analysis of Agency Annual Reports

A content analysis of annual reports for 15 southeastern state fisheries and wildlife agencies revealed that resource information (e.g., habitat, populations, and use) appears much less frequently than administrative information (e.g., revenues, personnel, permit review). The “typical report” consists of 35% administrative, 28% fisheries, 16% facilities, 11% wildlife, and 11% public involvement information. States cluster into 4 groups based on relative emphasis of freshwater fisheries, freshwater and marine fisheries, wildlife, or facilities and administrative information. Reports consist...


Comparison Of Angler Use And Characteristics At Three Catchable Trout Fisheries In Virginia

Creel census data for 3 catchable trout fisheries in Virginia revealed that desirable attributes of the fisheries increased from a lightly-stocked stream to a lightlystocked lake to a heavily-stocked stream. Total effort, participation by non-local anglers, evenness of seasonal use, catch rate, and return rate all were higher for the heavilystocked stream than for the lightly-stocked stream. For the trout lake, total effort and participation by non-local anglers were similar to the heavily-stocked stream, but catch per effort, return rates of stocked fish, and seasonal distribution of...


Video-Tape Programs For Fisheries And Wildlife Education

Fisheries and wildlife education is plagued by the impossibility of giving students the extensive field experience which future employers desire. A practical solution is the creation of specially prepared videotape programs illustrating actual field techniques. A series of approximately 10 programs in each discipline would provide a standardized instructional unit for undergraduate training at more than 500 colleges and universities and for in-service training in state and federal agencies. Such programs offer several advantages over traditional lectures or slide programs. Video-tape...