K. V. Miller

Glyphosate and Fluridone for Control of Giant Cutgrass (Zizaniopsis miliaceae) in Waterfowl Impoundments

We conducted an operational scale trial of the herbicides Sonar® (fluridone) and Rodeo® (glyphosate) to evaluate control of giant cutgrass (Zizaniopsis miliaceae) and effects on waterfowl food plants in moist-soil managed impoundments of the Altamaha Waterfowl Management Area, Darien, Georgia. Sonar and Rodeo reduced giant cutgrass frequencies both post-treatment years, although greater reduction occurred in the Rodeo-treated impoundment. Panic grass (Panicum spp.) frequency within the Rodeo- treated impoundment decreased the first year post-treatment. First-year frequency of flat sedges (...


An Evaluation of Supplemental Plantings for White-tailed Deer in the Georgia Piedmont

In the southeastern United States, supplemental plantings often are used to increase forage availability and quality. We evaluated production and utilization by white-tailed deer {Odocoileus virginianus) of 3 warm-season and 8 cool-season agricultural forages in Madison, Morgan, and Putnam counties, Georgia. Eight 0.1-ha food plots were planted with cool-season forages at 3 locations in October 1991. Three warm-season forage species were planted at 3 locations in May 1992. Forage production and utilization were measured every 29 ± 3 days. Aeschynomene (Aeschynomene americana) and...


Site Preparation Influences on Vegetative Composition and Avian and Small Mammal Communities in the South Carolina Upper Coastal Plain

The composition and diversity of redeveloping plant communities, along with associated small mammal and bird communities, were compared on hexazinone and mechanically-prepared sites at 2, 3, and 5 years post-treatment. Diversity of herbaceous vegetation was higher on the mechanically-prepared sites at 5 years post-treatment, while the diversity of woody vegetation did not differ in any of the age classes. Small mammals were sampled by removal trapping and birds by circular census plots. On the 2-year post-treatment sites, small mammal capture rates were greater on the mechanically-prepared...