J. Scott McDonald

Estimating Retention Rates of Leather Spacers on Radio Collars for Black Bears in Georgia

We used known-fate analysis in Program MARK to estimate retention rates for radio collars equipped with leather spacers on American black bears (Ursus americanus). We radio collared 72 bears 81 times in the Upper Coastal Plain of middle Georgia along the Ocmulgee River. For the 59 spacers that broke, they lasted an average of 365.5 days (SE = 31.3, 38-782) for males and 519.2 days (SE = 63.4, 139-1482) for females. Retention rate for leather spacers varied by month and sex (x- = 0.8736, SE = 0.0390, n = 50 for males and x- = 0.9391, SE = 0.0231, n = 50 for females). Leather spacers did...


An Evaluation of Supplemental Plantings for White-tailed Deer in the Georgia Piedmont

In the southeastern United States, supplemental plantings often are used to increase forage availability and quality. We evaluated production and utilization by white-tailed deer {Odocoileus virginianus) of 3 warm-season and 8 cool-season agricultural forages in Madison, Morgan, and Putnam counties, Georgia. Eight 0.1-ha food plots were planted with cool-season forages at 3 locations in October 1991. Three warm-season forage species were planted at 3 locations in May 1992. Forage production and utilization were measured every 29 ± 3 days. Aeschynomene (Aeschynomene americana) and...