James R. Brady

A New Method for Dealing with Apiary-Raiding Black Bears

Depredating black bears (Ursus americanus) were trapped and tagged at beeyards in an attempt to create aversion to those beeyards. Of the 9 bears trapped and released, only 1 bear was known to return to a beeyard during the study period. Electric fences were also shown to be effective for protecting beeyards from depredating bears. There was a 70% greater probability of bear damage among unfenced beeyards than among fenced beeyards. A combined, electric fence, trap-and-release program is described.

Winter Mortality Of Cottontail Rabbits On Beagle Field Trial Enclosures

Winter mortality of cottontail rabbits (Sylvilagus jloridanus) was studied within 2 beagle field trial enclosures. Population estimates based on live-trapping indicated a September to February mortality of 45 and 75% on the 2 areas. Predation by hawks and owls was the most important identifiable mortality factor on both enclosures. Flush censuses indicated that imported rabbits suffered a higher rate of mortality than native rabbits. Recommendations for the management of field trial grounds are given.