Frederick A. Busch

Forest Industry Hunt-lease Programs in the Southern United States

Selected characteristics of forest industry hunt-lease programs were determined for II southern states. Mail surveys were obtained from 77 of 109 (71 %) delivered questionnaires that were completed and returned. Respondents reported owning a total of more than 9.4 million ha within the study area in 1984. Most (83%) charged hunters for access to corporate lands. A majority of respondents indicated that non-monetary benefits were gained from hunt-lease programs. Annual lease fees ranged from $2.47 to $26.88/ha and varied by state, timber type and location. Administration was the highest...


Characteristics of Deer Hunting Lessees in South Carolina and Mississippi

Characteristics and activities of hunters leasing white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) hunting rights in South Carolina and Mississippi during 1984 were assessed by mail survey. Of 520 questionnaires delivered, 66% were returned. Safety (81 %), fellowship (76%), and higher quality hunting (70%) were ranked as the most important reasons for leasing hunting rights by respondents in both states. The majority of hunters in both states felt that the right to post leased lands was very important, with about 50% indicating they would discontinue leasing if posting rights were taken away....