Frederic F. Fish

Sport Fishery Statistics From The Inland Waters Of North Carolina

Data obtained from 28,454 Wildlife Protector interviews during the course of routine license and creel checks between April 1, 1964 and March 31, 1965 supported the following estimates respecting the "rodand-reel" sport fishery in the Inland Waters of North Carolina: Respecting Angler Numbers: Licensed - 404,878 (53%) Unlicensed-357,335 (47%) Respecting Choice of Gear: By licensed anglers: cane pole 32%; casting rod 49%; fly rod 9% By unlicensed anglers: cane pole 64%; casting rod 26%; fly rod 4% All anglers: cane pole 47%; casting rod 38%; fly rod 7% Respecting Choice of...


Sampling in the Adclaustral Zone of a Power Reservoir

Spot checking the stratification pattern existing within a power reservoir generally consists of a single series of oxygen and temperature determinations taken vertically at the point of maximum depth. The point of maximum depth ordinarily is found immediately upstream from the impounding structure. Data secured from a series of observations in the John H. Kerr Reservoir, Virginia, are presented which confirm Ellis' warning of 1936 that reservoir stratification in the immediate proximity of a power dam is very unstable and samples collected therefrom may yield entirely different...