Sport Fishery Statistics From The Inland Waters Of North Carolina

Data obtained from 28,454 Wildlife Protector interviews during the course of routine license and creel checks between April 1, 1964 and March 31, 1965 supported the following estimates respecting the "rodand-reel" sport fishery in the Inland Waters of North Carolina: Respecting Angler Numbers: Licensed - 404,878 (53%) Unlicensed-357,335 (47%) Respecting Choice of Gear: By licensed anglers: cane pole 32%; casting rod 49%; fly rod 9% By unlicensed anglers: cane pole 64%; casting rod 26%; fly rod 4% All anglers: cane pole 47%; casting rod 38%; fly rod 7% Respecting Choice of Baits: By licensed anglers: natural 63%; artificial 22% By unlicensed anglers: natural 98%; artificial 1% By all anglers: natural 80%; artificial 12% (Balance indicates both baits used on same trip) Respecting Catches: The percentage of the estimated Statewide harvest from Inland Waters by "rod-and-reel": sunfishes 44.0%; crappie 19.1%; white perch 12.6%; catfishes 10.0%; largemouth bass 3.6%; mountain trout 3.5%; all others combined 7.2%

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