F. Eugene Hester

Movements ot the Redbreast Sunfish in Little River, Near Raleigh, North Carolina

Recoveries of 189 redbreast sunfish (Lepornis auritus) tagged in Little River, North Carolina, indicated that this species is moderately mobile. Upstream movements predominated among fish recaptured within 60 days after their release in April and May. The extent ofmovement ofmales and females was about equaL On the basis ofmeasurements at release and recapture, average annual increase in size was 2.4 cm in total length and 48.0g in weight. The estimated annual harvest by sport fishermen was 14.7%.

Survival, Renesting, And Return Of Adult Wood Ducks To Previously Used Nest Boxes

During 1961 adult female wood ducks (Aix sponsa) were removed from nest boxes on three ponds near Raleigh and banded with U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service leg bands. During the 1962 nesting season ducks were again removed from nests for banding and a large percentage of them were found to be ducks returning from the previous year. An analysis of the first two years of the banding study revealed that (1) no nests were deserted as a result of banding during late incubation, (2) survival of adults as measured by the return of nesting birds was 47%, (3) there was a high rate (70%) of return of...

A Three-Year Study of the Fall Migration and Roosting-Flight Habits of the Wood Duck in East-Central North Carolina

Late afternoon counts of wood ducks (Aix sponsa) , as they came to roost in woodland ponds, were made in the fall and early winter months of 1953, 1954, and 1960, near Wendell, North Carolina. The numbers of wood ducks which came to roost increased rapidly during October of each year and peak numbers generally were recorded during late October and very early November, in correlation with the regular fall migration of these birds to and through the state from more northern areas. The roosting populations decreased during November and December and few wood ducks remained in the region...