Christian E. Grue

Competition Between Bobwhite And Scaled Quail For Habitat In Texas

Between 20 May and 10 June 1976, habitat surveys and bobwhite (Colinus virginianus) and scaled quail (Cal/ipep/a squamata) whistle counts were conducted along 133 24-km randomly established transects in Texas. In 3 of 4 ecological areas of Texas where both species occurred, each species selected different habitats during the breeding season. Scaled quail selected the more dense, shorter shrub habitat, whereas bobwhites were located in the more open, taller vegetation types. In the fourth area, the High Plains, habitat use overlapped. The positive correlation of whistle counts of the 2...


Breeding Habitat Of The Bobwhite In Texas

Habitat types and structural features of the habitat were correlated with bobwhite (Colinus virginianus) whistle counts along 133 random transects in Texas. The probable biological significance of these parameters was ascertained by their interrelationships and from the literature. Bobwhite whistle counts were correlated with habitat types that provided adequate food, cover, nest sites, and song posts. If a habitat parameter provided one or more of these requisites and was limited or in excess, it was usually significantly correlated with bobwhite whistle counts. Mesquite (Prosopis spp.)...


Technique for Evaluating the Breeding Habitat of Mourning Doves Using Call-Count Transects

This paper describes a technique to evaluate the breeding habitat of the mourning dove (Zenaida macroura) utilizing a "windshield approach" capable of identifying habitat parameters correlated with call counts. Habitat parameters accounted for up to 77.8 and 97.8 percent of the variation in call counts within transect intervals and transects, respectively, when regression analyses were conducted within ecological areas. Techniques presented can be used to evaluate the habitat of any game or non-game species for which transects are used to obtain population data, can be modified to include...