C. J. Turner

Perceived Needs and Preparedness for Aquatic Education in Public Schools

Alabama grade school teachers were surveyed to determine (1) attitudes toward aquatic resource education, (2) experience and training in aquatic resource education, (3) receptivity towards various potential aquatic curricula, and (4) preferences for assorted aquatic teaching materials. In general, Alabama kindergarten through fourth grade teachers had very little formal training in either natural resource education or aquatic natural resources in particular; however, they recognized the importance of both topics, and the majority felt strongly that additional materials and curricula topics...


The Effects Of Heated Water On Warmwater Fish In Earthen Raceways

Two-year studies were conducted in 3 earthen raceways (160 m x 6 m x 2 m). One raceway was maintained at ambient water temperature, I had a heated floating plume over 60% of the surface, and 1 was maintained at near heated water discharge temperature. Average water temperatures ranging up to 36.7 C were not lethal for any fish species tested. With the possible exception of threadfin shad (Dorosoma petenense) 110 difference in long-term survival of any species was detected, but when the entire population was considered as a whole, survival of fishes confined to the highest temperatures was...