C. J. Haskins

Winter Feeding of Channel Catfish in Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas

Fingerling channel catfish (lctalurus punctatus) fed a 25% crude protein practical feed grew as well as or better than fingerlings fed a 35% crude protein practical feed in both Mississippi and Arkansas ponds during 2 consecutive winters. Fingerlings in Texas grew better on the 35% protein feed, although poor survival may have affected the results. The 35% protein feed provided no growth advantage to adult fish in Mississippi. Both feeds had equivalent energy to essential amino acid ratios and both contained 12% fish meal. There were minimal differences in feed conversion ratios and...


Polyculture of Buffalo Hybrids with Channel Catfish

Bigmouth buffalo (BM) (Ictiobus cyrinellus) X black buffalo (BL) (L niger) and BL X BM were compared with BM parentals when reared in polyculture with channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus), grass carp (Ctenopharynogodon idella) , and largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) over a 2-season period. All buffalo were 1 year old when stocked and 2~ years of age at harvest. All other fish were yearlings when stocked. Stocking rates per hectare were 2500 catfish, 30 grass carp, 100 bass and 250 buffalo. At harvest, catfish averaged slightly over 1 kg each, while bigmouth, BL X BM, and BM X BL...