Production Of Gulf Killifish In Brackish·water Ponds

Production of gulf killifish (Fundulus grandis) was investigated from 17 November 1977 to 10 July 1978 in 0.08 ha, brackish-water, earthen ponds at the Claude Peteet Mariculture Center. Gulf killifish averaging 30.7 g and stocked at 12,500fishjha deposited eggs on Spanish moss spawning mats from 21 March through 16 May 1978. Fifty mats with eggs were transferred to a hatching pond which yielded 82,500 juvenile killifish averaging 0.1 g at harvest on 16 May. Stocked at 250,000 fishj ha in 3 grow-out ponds on 19 May and fed a commercial minnow feed, the juveniles averaged 2.0 g (marketable size) on 10 July 1978 with mean survival of 82%, feed conversion of 1.9, and production of 427 kgjha.

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