Diversity and Inclusion Awards

The Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (SEAFWA) announces the Annual Diversity and Inclusion Awards program for 2021. The Diversity and Inclusion Awards recognize winning SEAFWA member agencies for their strong commitment to the recruitment, retention, and promotion of a diverse workforce. Agencies can nominate a team focusing on these goals or it can be submitted as an individual nomination.

The SEAFWA Minorities in Natural Resources Conservation Committee (MINRC) has established the Diversity and Inclusion Award program to recognize the achievements of outstanding diversity and inclusion employment and outreach practices among SEAFWA member agencies. The SEAFWA annual Diversity and Inclusion Award is also a tool that will allow member agencies to glean from best practices implemented by other member agencies and creates a benchmark of progress toward developing more inclusion among Wildlife Agencies.

In addition to providing a summary of efforts across the Southeast to diversify Fish and Wildlife agency workforces, a formal award will be presented to this year’s winners at the 2021 SEAFWA Conference in Roanoke, Virginia.

There are two categories in which a winner will be recognized:

  1. Workforce Diversity and Inclusion - the creation and successful efforts to implement programs, initiatives and practices.
  2. Diversity Outreach and Education - outreach and active, consistent engagement of minorities, women and persons with disabilities in the areas of wildlife and environmental conservation.
Award Criteria and Nomination Process


All SEAFWA member agencies are welcome and encouraged to apply through a self-nomination process. To be considered, member agencies must have implemented a program or initiative no later than January 1, 2021 and continued the program to the present time. Please select a single program for award nomination rather than an array of programs or initiatives. You may submit a previously nominated program only if significant changes have been implemented since its earlier submission. Member agencies are asked to restrict applying for a category which they have won two consecutive years.

Application form

Application and Selection Criteria

The SEAFWA MINRC Committee will accept applications for the 2020 Diversity and Inclusion Award until August 20, 2021. (An electronic copy is acceptable with the appropriate signatures.)

Applications submitted to the SEAFWA MINRC Committee for consideration must include:

  1. A completed application signed by the State Director of the organization submitting the application. A letter describing the initiative and the measured outcomes of the initiative. The letter and the description of the initiative should be no more than three double-spaced, typed pages.

  2. The rationale for developing or undertaking the program or initiative.

  3. A description of the program or initiative, its objectives and its impact on the agency’s overall diversity achievements. (Optional: You may also include information about diversifying your customer base, i.e., anglers, hunters, etc.)

  4. A list of next steps planned for the program described in the letter.

  5. Information that demonstrates the agency’s efforts and excellent achievements, which addresses the following selection criteria:

    Successful member agencies will have demonstrated:

    • A strong commitment to the recruitment, retention and promotion of a diverse classified workforce as measured by the creation of programs, initiatives, and practices.

    • Measurable and innovative recruitment efforts/initiatives that may include multi-cultural components implemented to attract and provide access for a broader base of racial and ethnic minority applicants in order to increase its classified workforce above and beyond the available labor force.

    • Improvements in upward mobility for racial and ethnic minorities, women and persons with disabilities in management positions as measured by workforce reports from January 2019 - December 2020.

    • Short- and long-term effectiveness of all programs utilized to increase workforce diversity.

    • Creativity of additional programs (other than standard programs) to increase workforce diversity.

    • The agency's success on its road to diversity in light of its unique challenges.

    • Evidence of continued commitment and investment in diversifying the workforce.

    • Partnerships and participation with local and national diverse community outreach organizations.

      Branding of your organization to the broader diverse community.

    • Outreach efforts focused on racial and ethnic minorities, women and persons with disabilities that are ongoing and have measurable outcomes.

    • Any challenges your agency faces in attracting and retaining a diverse workforce.


Volunteers from the SEAFWA MINRC Committee will review all applications and rate them according to the selection criteria.

Award Presentation

The Executive Directors of the selected agencies and the persons responsible for administering the programs will be notified of the awards no later than September 10, 2021. Awards will be presented on October 19, 2021, at the annual SEAFWA Conference in Roanoke Virginia.

Contact Information

Please return completed application and letter by EOD Friday, August 20, 2021 to:

David Buggs, MINRC Chairperson

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

4200 Smith School Road| Austin, Texas 78744

Or email applications and letter to david.buggs@tpwd.texas.gov with ith Subject: SEAFWA Diversity

For Fax: (512) 389-4814

For additional information about the Diversity Award Program e-mail: Rosezetta Bobo (Rosezetta.Bobo@MyFWC.com).

*Innovative ideas currently being implemented and designed to promote diversity and inclusion will also be considered.


Application form


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