William W. Stephens

Reproductive Success of Channel Catfish in a Farm Situation

Three thousand pair of hand selected, 3-year-old channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) were stocked in 4 ponds used for brood production in Humphreys County, Mississippi. From 1 May to 13 July 1981, data were obtained on spawning in the ponds. As the water temperature increased, so did the number of spawns up to a maximum of 498 on 30 May. Total spawns and spawning rate were 603 (86% )-pond 9; 523 (75%) -pond 10; 440 (55% )-pond 11; 550 (69% )-pond 12.


Effects Of Cropping On Growth Of Channel Catfish

From 20 May to 28 October 1978, 5 experimental fish ponds at Arkansas State University Fish Farm, Walcott, Arkansas, were utilized in determining the effects of cropping on channel catfish growth. Three ponds were used as experimental ponds and 2 as controls. Selected physiocochemical properties of the water were measured. With the exception of air and water temperatures, properties of the experimental ponds fluctuated more than the controls due to indirect effects of cropping. However, all values fell within acceptable ranges for channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus Rafinesque) culture....