William H. Fleming

Use of Capture-recapture Techniques to Estimate Public Use on the Clarks Hill WMA

License plates were used as markers for capture-recapture estimates of vehicle numbers on a 12,547-ha study area. License plate numbers were recorded during random surveys. An attempt to estimate vehicle numbers, using open-population model JOLLY, failed due to problems with equal catchability caused by users leaving the area, then returning. Chapman's Lincoln-Peterson index provided acceptable estimates of vehicle numbers. Numbers of vehicles were calculated for each sample day, then extrapolated to the entire study period. Average number of people per vehicle, area of use, and use...


Home Range, Dispersal and Habitat Utilization of Eastern Wild Turkey Gobblers During the Breeding Season

Eight eastern wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo silvestris Viellot) gobblers were captured on the Britt Research Area in McCormick County. South Carolina, during February and March of 1973. They were equipped with numbered leg bands. colored vinyl patagial streamers, and radio transmitters and were released at the sites of capture. The turkeys were located several times daily from the time of release until the primary breeding season ended in middle June using both telemetric and visual observations. Average minimum home ranges during the breeding season for two adult and five juvenile...